"The orange desert dust floats all around


Thousands of Pagodas fill this magical town, get out and explore these beautifully aged structures

It is simple here - climb, hike, and motorbike

Make a visit into town and get the low-down on their lacquerware process

It was less than five years ago that Myanmar reached one million tourists per year. With this, the locals are extremely pleasant and just genuinely happy to have you 

The most amazing experience is the sunrise hot air ballon ride - up and down and through the many Pagodas as the morning sun hits the flying balloons"

Sunrise with Balloons Over Bagan
Cruising around Bagan
Areindmar Bed & Breakfast
Areindmar Bed & Breakfast
Areindmar Bed & Breakfast
Ananda temple
Balloons Over Bagan
Balloons Over Bagan

IN - 

  • Areindmar Bed & Breakfast - charming bed & breakfast with a mix between colonial and rustic style. Drapery greens curtained the dining area and cozy pool lounges. The rooms were spacious, tastefully decorated, and faced a beautiful courtyard garden. If we weren't out exploring we were lying by the pool with books and coffee

OUT - 

  • Balloon Flight - Breathtaking!!!! The most incredible experience ever for us to date. Getting up before the sun, rising through the dusty skies and floating over the pagodas as the sun started to peak was beyond words. It was pricey, as balloon rides usually are, but worth it. **Note: we almost couldn't make it because we didn't reserve early enough. After changing plane tickets, incessant calls, and a bit of crying, someone finally felt sorry for us and squeezed us in. This lady was an angel and may not always be around, so when we return we will be sure to book in advance. We flew with Balloons Over Bagan. Alternatively, we could go out early and watch the balloons fly over from atop one of the Pagodas. Either way, it's amazing.  

  • Scooter or bicycle - we loved exploring the dirt paths and getting lost amidst thousands of temples and pagodas. It's a great way to get around and discover the details of Bagan

  • Climb up - ideally with a blanket and a bottle of wine, finding a pagoda to climb is a great way to spend an afternoon in Old Bagan. Some pagodas are open and you can hike your way through - the views from up top are amazing!

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