"The color is so vivid, it may be almost too saturated to be real


Extremely clear water that you may always see that sandy floor


The town is the perfect chill; life on the red horse will keep you loose


Boat rides are the ticket, get out early and enjoy that paradise just for you and yours


It may be a hike to get to, but definitely a slice of heaven that is almost painful to leave "

Bacuit Bay - El Nido
Streets of El Nido town
Nacpan beach
Climbing at Twin beaches
Our favorite - Hidden beach
Kayaking near Simizu Island
Kayaking near Simizu Island
Bacuit Bay
Twin Beachs (Nacpan)
Arriving at Hidden beach
Small Lagoon
Cadlao Lagoon
Cadlao Lagoon
Las Cabanas beach
Entalula beach
Entalula beach
Our room at Palawan Secret Cruise
Most beautiful sunset at Palawan Secret Cruise
Seven Commando beach
El Nido

A private island in paradise! Oh, Brother Island you take my breath way!

A private island in paradise! Oh, Brother Island you take my breath way!

For less than $150/night/person we had this magical island just for ourselves for a couple of days, including their delicious homemade meals, unlimited alcohol, and the most amazing bamboo huts on the beach. Besides all the daytime beauty, at night, the skies twinkled with so many visible constellations.


Luckly, this island is available on airbnb, and you can arrange your stay with Alee, the owner, and most helpful, welcoming host. 


Brother Island is about an hour (or less) drive from El Nido town, then a short boat ride away. You will be greeted by soft sand, clear waters, hammocks, and massage beds on the beach. Put your worries away,  and enjoy paradise! 

Yes, Brother Island literally took my breath away. I had a fall coming of the boat as the water was a bit rough when we arrived, and ended up with bruised ribs. But it was okay, I was there for one of my best friend's wedding and no bruise would keep me from missing it. A few painkillers and beers later, I was limping the night away.  

We had the option of sleeping at the main house, in the bamboo huts, or on the cliff house secluded in the back, which was perfect for the bride and groom, or of course, on one of the hammocks by the beach. I took one of the bamboo huts and couldn't be happier to wake up on the sand looking out at the ocean.

Alee and his team put in a lot of work to build all the bamboo, huts, daybeds, swings, massage tents, all of which wasn't there before the wedding. So I'm incredibly happy and thankful for our time there with a great host and thirty plus best friends. Not much you could ask for! 

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