"The color is so vivid, it seems almost too saturated to be real


Extremely clear water that you may always see that sandy floor


The town is the perfect chill; life on the red horse will keep you loose


Boat rides are the ticket, get out early and enjoy that paradise just for you and yours


It may be a hike to get to, but definitely a slice of heaven that is a struggle to leave "

Bacuit Bay - El Nido
Streets of El Nido town
Nacpan beach
Climbing at Twin beaches
Our favorite - Hidden beach
Kayaking near Simizu Island
Kayaking near Simizu Island
Bacuit Bay
Twin Beachs (Nacpan)
Arriving at Hidden beach
Cadlao Lagoon
Cadlao Lagoon
Las Cabanas beach
Entalula beach
Entalula beach
Our room at Palawan Secret Cruise
Most beautiful sunset at Palawan Secret Cruise
Seven Commando beach - a pick up game with the locals
El Nido

IN - 

El Nido is all about the island life...  With unique geological formation and gorgeous turquoise waters, island hopping on a boat is where its true beauty lays. 

  • Secret Cruise - we stayed on a boat for a couple of nights and it was the best decision we made in El Nido. We kayaked to deserted islands, slept under the stars, witnessed the most beautiful sunset we've ever seen, and enjoyed popular spots before or after everyone arrived/left. 



  • Las Cabanas - great beach for sunset, lined with beach bars, loungers, floating rafts, and shops to rent paddle boards or kayaks.

  • Nacpan beach - a long beach, powdery white sand and still very quiet with only a couple of establishments around. 

  • Island hopping - we rented a private boat, rather than joining a group, so we could do our own itinerary and skip the crowds. Tour A and tour C are the most popular and indeed gorgeous. We started at sunrise and had the most amazing beaches to ourselves.

  •  Canopy Walk - a small hike leading up to great views of Bacuit Bay

  • Zipline (Las Cabanas) - after a small hike we ziplined over Las Cabanas and landed on the beach just in time for sunset.

  • Walk the beach - we headed north from El Nido beach, hiked for about 1.5hrs and found charming restaurants and secluded beaches on the way.


  • Happiness - tasty mediterranean food in the town center with great bar swings and cocktails. 

  • Mezzanine - nice terrace and view of the bay with good international food and drinks

  • Republica Sunset bar (Corong Corong) - they usually get a full house for sunset so it's best to get there around 4pm and enjoy the view.  

  • Beach Shack (Las Cabanas)- we spent an afternoon drinking red horse, chilling on their floating beach raft, and paddle boarding until sunset 

  • Squidos - we had great seafood and local dishes here.

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