"An intense mixture of colors, a storm of flavors and smells, dense in so many ways, with a culture weaved by faith, traditions, and chaos"

Street Market in Jaipur
City Palace
Streets of Jaipur
St Andrew's Cathedral
Amer Fort
Baradari Restaurant at the City Palace
Street Market
Amer Fort monkeys
Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden
Jaipur City Palace
Monkey Temple - Hanuman Ji
Baradara Restaurant
Amer Fort - Palace
Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal
Street view of Hawa Mahal
Hotel Narain Niwas Palace
Rear view of the ornate windows at Hawa Mahal
Palace of Winds courtyard
Amazing Lassi stand in Jaipur
Pink City - Palace & street view
Scaling the Amer Fort walls

No matter how much we tried to mentally prepare, its nearly impossible to be ready for a journey through India. We left the country, however, with the feeling that we had just experienced what must be the most unique place on earth.

The streets are packed, the animals are roaming, the heat is rising, the living is often harsh. The experience can be humbling at times, maddening, and surprisingly exhilarating  and beautiful at others.

With the sensory and information overload, it takes time to feel comfortable

OUT - 

  • AMER FORT - we liked it so much we went twice

  • HAWA MAHAL - in short, an intricate observatory facade built of red and pink sandstone and thousands of windows where royal women would peak out onto the outside world. In the early morning the shadows were soft against the pastel colored walls and stained glass. It felt like being in a Wes Anderson set with its flat dimensionality, and dollhouse feel of the Grand Budapest Hotel. 

  • MONKEY TEMPLE - we were taken aback by the quiet and mysteriousness that surrounded the architecture. Absorbed by the surrounding nature and monkey residents, this place was completely surreal. 


  • BAR PALLADIO - a fresh take on Indian design  

  • LASSIWALA - amazing lassis served in ceramic dishes from a street stall. One is not enough.

  • 1135 AD -  the restaurant at the rooftop of Amer Fort transports you back in time. It has great views, and it's a nice break after exploring the immense Amer Fort

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