"The travels to get to this island was an adventure. Planes, vans, tuk-tuks, ferries, long-tail boats, and a hike, oh my!

The water is a vibrant blue, the skies are dreamy with pastel hues

The lively scene on the island creates a euphoria like you are a lost boy from the cast of Peter Pan

To escape the wild fun, hop on over to Samloem and enjoy the serene waters under a tree swing

Beach chilling, scuba diving, and hikes. We really dug Koh Rong and the vibes it effortlessly supplied!"

  Lazy Beach
Ride from Koh Rong beach to our bungalow
Sonaya beach pier
View from Koh Rong Pier
Sonaya Pier
Our bungalow at Pura Vita
Cafe at Paradise Resort
Koh Samloem - Neighboring island - The One Resort
Long Beach 
Otres Beach - Sihanoukville 

IN - 

Koh Rong is an incredible gem. No roads, no cars, no worries! Wifi and electricity are unreliable, so you are really there to immerse yourself and forget the rest of the world. 

  • Paradise Resort - the rooms are simple like most of the lodging on the island; beach huts with a fan, outdoor bathroom, and friendly lizards. The common area is a large breezy terrace up the hill with a great view of the jungle and beach.   

  • Pura Vita Resort - 20-30min walk from the town area, this bungalow is on a very peaceful secluded area. It's a nice walk and great place to spend a quiet afternoon.

  • The One Resort - located on the neighboring island of Koh Rong Samloem, we stayed here for a couple of nights. It was a bit of a treat as they had AC and an infinity pool on the beach.

  • Samloem - the beach is stunning, the water is very calm and shallow. On the other side of the island, just a short hike away, there's Lazy beach, which is covered with gold sand, tree shades, and beach swings.   

  • Long Beach - Untouched paradise with powdery white sand and great beach. Best in low tide to enjoy the bright colors and wide beach. 

  • Fluorescent Planktons - dreamy, otherworldly experience to swim with the planktons under the night skies. We rented a boat and snorkels, and sailed away from the town lights to admire the planktons


  • Paradise Resort - the food and location was great. With a cozy atmosphere, this was where we ate most of the time.

  • Skybar - after climbing the steep steps, we were rewarded with nice views, a pool table, and cold drinks.

  • Vagabonds - A wild bunch, but they were turning out some amazing veggie burgers. Delicious!  

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Sunset - Koh Rong